The Patient Gardener


I’m starting this month’s GBBD post (possibly the first one this year) with a favourite plant at the moment which I think is very overlooked, Lathyrus vernus; I also think the photo is rather nice.  This is the pink version but the most common is a blue/purple version. If you don’t know it then I would recommend it to you.  Part of the pea family, a low growing perennial which appears at… Read More

I was thrilled today to spot this bloom on my Magnolia stellata.  This is the first time it has flowered.  I knew when I got the plant that I would have to be patient for flowers as Magnolias dont flower for ages. I got the plant about 3 years ago when it was little more than a twig – it was one of those magazine giveaways where you just pay for the postage. … Read More