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There is something quintessentially English about a flower and veg show that I doubt you could find anywhere else in the world. I love Malvern Autumn Show as it heralds the start of Autumn, a season I love with its colours ad abundance. The show as so much to offer for everyone with all the key components of the traditional country show: giant vegetables, tractors, llamas (well this is Malvern), agility dogs… Read More

I am so lucky to live where I do and days like today just remind me of this.  My eldest and I decided at very short notice that we fancied going to the Malvern Autumn Show.  It is literally a 5 minute drive from home so we were able to arrive as the second day of the show was opening and beat the crowds. I haven’t been to the Autumn Show for… Read More

I said I would show you some of the nursery stands at the Malvern Autumn Show so here we go.  Firstly I must apologise for the poor quality of the photographs, as I said in my last post on Malvern I had my 7 year niece with me who declared plats were boring so my window of opportunity was short plus it seems the lighting was worse than I expected. With my… Read More

I have spent today at the Malvern Autumn Show with my eldest son (21) and my niece (7).  It is interesting how visiting these shows with different people gives you a whole different viewpoint.  The Autumn Show used to be very much an agricultural show but this seems to have faded in recent years with more focus on gardening and in particular growing edibles.  I suppose this makes sense as late September… Read More

I’m not a big one for celebrating the New Year, I find it very over hyped and commercial and people seem to have high  expectations for having an amazing time.  For me Christmas marks the end of the year and I find myself looking forward and making plans before the tree is even down.  In fact my tree is frequently down before the New Year.  I like Christmas I have just had… Read More

I  spent yesterday at the Malvern Autumn show and ended up being there a lot longer than originally anticipated.  About four years ago the show had only a small horticultural offering, a few nurseries and bulb merchants, but this has really been turned around in recent years.  For at least three years there has been what is called ‘The Good Life Pavillion’. Here there are a small number of show gardens which… Read More

Today I went to the Malvern Autumn Show where I met up with Anna of Green Tapestry.  We started off in the RHS halls which, although not as vast as at the Spring show, still had plenty to interest us.  We were particularly taken with the cherry tomato and brussel sprout trees on the Medways Vegetable display – those are the red, yellow and green balls you can see in the above… Read More

Today I met VP of Vegplotting which was really nice.  We met at the Malvern Autumn Show which is literally 5 mins drive from my house so very handy for me.  I havent been to the show for about 5 years and my memories was that it was more of a country show than a gardening show but now the RHS have got involved and have a flower show so I had my… Read More