Showgardens at Malvern

The show gardens at this year’s show were very varied.  I have to say that I dont get as excited about show gardens as I do the floral marquee.  The gardens are always second on my to see list at the show.  I think at heart I’m a plants person not a designer.  I couldnt have a ‘designed’ garden as I would struggle to find places for my finds.  We quite liked this thought because of its use of the wire cages, whose name escapes me.  They use these to build up the embankments on the side of motorways but they are becoming increasingly popular in garden landscaping as you can fill them with anything.


This was a very pretty garden and the purples and blues were overwhelming.  They were a mixture of Lavender, Jacob’s Ladder, Acquilegas.  Whilst it was gorgeous I dont think the overall effect would have lasted long in a real garden as once they had finished flowering there wasnt much else to look at.

Another pretty garden.  This one was callend Sleeping Beauty’s garden.  You can see the spinning wheel at the front and the castle in the background.  A bit busy for my taste but very attractive.

We liked this garden which was a sustainable garden.  My eldest, who is bike mad, particularly liked the screen made out of bike wheels, the wheel frames have also been used to make the holes in the fence.  My youngest liked the long grass and tried to convince me that our garden would benefit from this, but then he is the one who mows the lawn!!!!

As well as show gardens, there are also show borders which are generally done by people just starting out in the landscape business.  I liked this one but I cant see me having anything like this in my garden its all abit too perfect albeit it gorgeous.

This garden had a small gauge train in it – I did feel as though the garden had come second to the train but it was quite entertaining particularly if you were a small boy!

I really liked this garden.  It is, I suppose, a family garden.  What you cant see is that on the top of the mound is a large trampoline with water fountains around it.  The water is collected into a rill which runs down to side of the mound into a pond (on the other side of the mound).  Under the mound is a den.  It was beautifully planted up with some formal area but also a lovely meadowy grass area on the side of the mound.  I know as a child I would have wanted to roll down the side of the mound.    

So those are some of the show gardens from this years Malvern show.  I think the standard has really improved in recent years, although definately not in the league of Chelsea.  However, many of these designers will go on to do gardens at Chelsea in the future so it is a good start point for them.