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I’m no longer much of a fan of showgardens and tend to gravitate to the nurseries and floral marquee more.  However, I thought I would have a quick look to see what was on offer this year.  Malvern has always been one of the shows where new designers can stretch their wings and have a go at doing a show garden. In my humble and inexpert view the gardens have a tendency… Read More

I have been wooed through the garden clubs I attend to enter the world of competitive plant shows.  My curiosity was raised last summer when I visited my first AGS show and this Easter I made the decision to compete in my AGS group’s show next Easter and ordered some miniature bulbs in readiness.  It was during a conversation at that show that I learnt about the ‘open garden’ competition at the… Read More

Following on from my previous report here are some of the other showgardens at this year’s Malvern Spring Show.  As you can see the standard is excellent this year.  Above is the Inside-Out garden by Jody Lidgard and sponsored by Bradstone.  Being sponsored by Bradstone there is quite a bit of hard landscaping but it didn’t seem to overwhelm the garden as I have felt was the case in previous Bradstone sponsored… Read More

I think I can safely say that the standard of showgardens at Malvern Spring Garden show is getting better and better.  There were two gold medals awarded which is wonderful and to be honest I think a couple of the gardens are very close, if not already at Chelsea standard – but I’m n RHS judge so I could be talking rubbish. The two gardens that really stood out to me where… Read More

I’m not a big one for celebrating the New Year, I find it very over hyped and commercial and people seem to have high  expectations for having an amazing time.  For me Christmas marks the end of the year and I find myself looking forward and making plans before the tree is even down.  In fact my tree is frequently down before the New Year.  I like Christmas I have just had… Read More

This evening I had the opportunity to have another sneaky peak at the gardens at Malvern Spring show.  I  had been down on Monday helping on one of the gardens but it was interesting to see them finished.  There was a weird atmosphere hanging around the showgardens.   I walked through lots of hustle and bustle of people setting up the sundry stalls, it was like a shrine to the white van and… Read More

I have had a fantastic day today working down at the Malvern showground helping Deb’s with her garden.  Poor old Debs has struggled with the garden, especially yesterday because of the heavy wind and rain we had on Saturday night.  She had to do a lot of rescuing so was dispirited this morning and I think she would agree running out of steam. There was a really nice atmosphere at the showground… Read More

See my guest post at the Meet@Malvern blog here  about the historical delights of Great Malvern which you can enjoy when visiting the Malvern Spring Show. Do let VP and I know if you are planning to come to the show or register your interest on the blog.  We are really looking forward to meeting lots of our blogging friends in May.

  As I live in Malvern the RHS Malvern Spring show is my local show (literally its 5 mins drive from my house and I can hear the announcements from my garden if the wind is in the right direction).  I have been going for some years with my sons but last Spring I met up with Anna from Green Tapestry. Although we hadn’t met before it was amazing how well we got… Read More

Yesterday I went to my local horticultural show – the Malvern Spring Show.  It couldnt be more local to me as its 5 mins drive down the road – I could walk but then I wouldnt be able to carry back all my purchases!! I particularly enjoyed it this year as I met a few of my fellow bloggers.  Firstly Anna of Greentapestry.  We met up first thing in the floral marque… Read More