I’m not panicing honest!!!!

When I did my end of  month view a  couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had a few projects lined up for the coming year which I would keep a diary of during the year.  However, there have been exciting goings on since then as VP and I have been hatching plans for the http://malvernmeet.blogspot.com/ event.  I think initially we both thought that we would be meeting up with a handful of UK bloggers that we already knew and who normally go to the Malvern show.  Not so, the event has taken on a life of its own as you will see if you visit the blog VP  has  set up for the event.  Not only do we have UK bloggers coming but also Yolanda for the Netherlands and today Frances and Gail have confirmed that they will be popping over the pond from the US to join in the fun.  We had anticipated that some people may stay overnight and we might decide to have a meal out on one of the evenings but with the amazing amount of interest we have had we are now in the situation where we have  between 10-20 attending the  evening event on both Friday and  Saturday.  Now Malvern is  a small provincial town and  so there aren’t many eating establishments that can cope with these sorts of numbers.  In a moment of complete madness I merrily said to VP, “Well if it comes to  it everyone can come round to mine for a party”.  Oh dear.  On current numbers I have around 14 confirmed as coming to my house on the Friday evening and about 10 additional possibles!!!!!

Consequently, I have now become completely panic-stricken.  Not about all these people in my house (luckily I had a new kitchen and bathroom installed last year), nor about feeding them all (whilst we haven’t a great choice of restaurants in Malvern we do have a lot of  take aways).  No I am panic-stricken about my garden.  There will be a bunch of very discerning gardeners visiting.  I won’t be able to hide the areas that don’t appear on the blog from them.  Some of them will be garden designers by profession – I haven’t got a clue about design and it  shows.  Argh!!!  So my couple of projects have become more pressing and on  top of them I have to address the front garden once and for all. 

I  am one of those people who doesn’t enjoy gardening in my front garden.  Since I moved here I have planted a Laurel and  Beech hedge to get some privacy and also  some  trees but apart from them there is a lack of cohesion, design or anything else desirable.  I tend to  park  the car and go straight in the  front door without a second look at the garden but this will be the first impression my gardening gurus will have.  So I have been looking out of the upstairs window to try to  decide  what  to do.  I think the shape of the lawn (see above) is  OK – I just need to sort out the planting.  According to the countdown on Meet@Malvern I have 88 days to sort things – better get going.