In A Vase on Monday – Snowdrops


Finally the first snowdrops are flowering so I thought I would feature some in this week’s Monday vase, plus it means I get to enjoy them in the evening when I get home from work rather than only at weekends.

There are three varieties in the vase.  The two small ones at the front with the more yellow ovaries are Galanthus ‘Ding Dong’ which although it has been in flower for a good week is still late as it normally flowers around Christmas, hence the name. The two to the right of the photo and central are Galanthus ‘Mrs McNamara’, another early which again has been flowering for a few weeks.  This is one of the Galanthus whose name has eluded me until I spent some time tracking back through the blog and plant labels.  On my to do list this month is to make sure any special snowdrops without labels are indeed labelled.  The last snowdrop at the back on the left is Galanthus ‘Galatea’ which has an arching pedicel, thats the thin bit that connects the flower to the stem.  You can see that it’s flowers and Mrs McNamara are larger than Ding Dong.

The vase has been on this meme before, a flea market find, and the backdrop is a pashmina I have had for years.  For someone who doesn’t really wear scarves or pashmina I seem to have quite a few!

Thank you to Cathy for hosting this meme which I am really enjoying.


In a Vase on Monday: a little Asian influence


I notice today that both Cathy over at Rambling in the Garden and Sue at From Sewing Room to Potting Shed were participating in a weekly meme showing a vase of flowers  from their garden. I’m not sure how long they have been doing this or who started it but it seemed like a fun idea so I thought I would join in.  There are a couple of downsides to this:

– joining in a weekly meme featuring flowers from the garden in December is probably not the best idea – I suspect it will become challenging very quickly and interesting foliage will soon predominate.

– I usually do a weekly round-up of the garden on a Sunday evening  and I like to leave posts for a couple of days so I will probably time the Monday vase for Monday evening.

So for my first vase I picked the few remaining Chrysanthemums in the garden.  These are from a collection I bought from Sarah Raven this year.  I am still in two minds about Chrysanthemums and can’t decide whether to include them next year.  I think I will pot them up for the winter and see where my dithering leads over the winter.  I thought to continue the Asian theme, after all Chrysanthemums are the national flower of Japan, I would add a little bamboo foliage.  This is a dwarf bamboo that I have had for years and I have a note of the name somewhere but I can’t remember where.  Then to complete the Asian effect I have used a vase I bought in Hong Kong back in my teens although I may have bought it in China, as we went on a day trip over the border and I remember buying one vase that day which sadly broke so I may have bought this one at the same time.

I have something up my sleeve for next week but I really do think this is going to get interesting.  Hopefully some of our Southern Hemisphere blogging friends will join in and cheer us up with their exotic blooms.