The Patient Gardener


As it is World Book Day I was determined to get my review of Monty Don’s Great Gardens of Italy (published by Quadrille) up today if only just! I was apprehensive about this book because I have a growing dislike for the type of dense green hedging (box  or yew generally) that seems to predominate Italianate gardens, a dislike of parterres and topiary so I thought it would be an interesting challenge… Read More

Watched the last episode of Monty’s AW in 80 gardens last night.  It was interesting though I felt a little disappointed but I think that is because I had expectations of seeing wonderful tropical gardens but Monty didnt seem to be able to find any.  Maybe as he says these exist in our imagination. I found the series very interesting and it has challenged some of my preconceptions of what a garden… Read More

I finally got a chance to watch the episode of Around the World in 80 Days based in S. Africa.  I have for some years fancied going to see the Cape and the gardens there.  I knew that Proteas etc came from this area but hadnt realised that Pelagoniums were indigenous as well.  The size of them was amazing.  It was interesting to see the typical Euopean garden and I found myself… Read More

Watched the 3rd episode of Monty Don’s Around the World in 80 Gardens last night.  Enjoyed it though I felt there was something missing.  Maybe trying to give a flavour of gardening in a country as diverse as India in one hour was too ambitious.  By constrast the previous week the programme showed a clear progression in style in the Australian and NZ gardens from colonial gardens harking back to the Uk… Read More