The Patient Gardener


There is something quintessentially English about a flower and veg show that I doubt you could find anywhere else in the world. I love Malvern Autumn Show as it heralds the start of Autumn, a season I love with its colours ad abundance. The show as so much to offer for everyone with all the key components of the traditional country show: giant vegetables, tractors, llamas (well this is Malvern), agility dogs… Read More

I picked my first  2 strawberries today – well I say 2 but one of them isn’t really fully ripe.  The trouble is I also removed 5 half eaten strawberries from the plants which I am presuming the birds have had a go at so I decided they weren’t getting the big fat nearly ripe one too.  I had hoped not to have to resort to netting the plants but it appears… Read More

I have been doing regular posts on the allotment but I thought it might be interesting to join in with the Garden Bloggers Harvest Day meme hosted by Barbie and Christine. However, despite it being June the cold weather we had recently has slowed everything down and delayed young plants being planted out  so in fact there is little to harvest at the moment.  There is a real sense of anticipation that… Read More

I harvested my first veg today from my diddy veg plot.  I am really chuffed as the plot is only 2 ft wide and about 8ft long.  Sadly the fennel has started to blot and in some case has bolted.  I have harvested all the autumn planted red onions and the garlic.  I wasnt sure if this was the right time to do it but the foilage was going over.  Also harvested… Read More