The Patient Gardener


I have been meaning to join in with Peonies and Posies monthly meme on the greenhouse for a while but I keep forgetting.  Luckily I spotted a post elsewhere which has reminded me so here I am.  My greenhouse is tiny, a mere tiddler compared with P & P’s gorgeous greenhouse – not that I am jealous at all! I did do a monthly greenhouse post back in 2012 and you can… Read More

As part of January’s End of Month View post I suggested that I might do a monthly post on my greenhouse.  I don’t think greenhouses get much coverage anywhere in the media, which I think is a real pity.  The response to my suggestion implied I wasn’t alone in this feeling.  So I have decided that I shall do a monthly meme on the 20th of the month on my greenhouse. So… Read More

The soggy weekend forced me to do one of those jobs I am excellent at avoiding – tidying up the patio and addressing my guilty secrets. The guilty secrets in question are those impulse buys that haven’t found a home in the garden.  I have actually identified homes for most of them and had intended to plant them over the last few weekends but as ever plans were thwarted.  Anyway I have… Read More

  Well to be honest in a storm I wouldn’t be in the greenhouse but you get my meaning.  At this time of year when it is either raining or so cold that your fingers get frozen after about an hour in the garden, even with gloves, the greenhouse provides me with my much needed green therapy. This weekend was the first time in about three weeks that I have had the… Read More