Minor successes



I am very excited about my tulips this year.  I have bought some from Sarah Raven this year and planted them in pots and they are doing great.  Last year the ones I planted in the border hardly appeared at all, though they are doing abit better this year.

The rain has got the better of me again today so I have retreated in doors.  I cant even do much in the greenhouse until I can move some of the seedlings out to the cold frame for harding off and I cant do that until I can plant the hardened off seedlings out!!  I have some lovely Pak Choi plants waiting to move out in to the big wide world, well the cold frame.  I havent decided what to plant them in yet.  I will try a few in the border but the rest will be in a container of some sort or a grow bag.


Heucheras at last!

 At last the Heurchera seeds that I sowed in the greenhouse on the 5th January have started to germinate.  I would include a photo but they are so small you wouldnt be able to see them! 

Spring is trying to arrive – I have daffodils and primulas flowering in the garden although some of the daffs are only just appearing above ground.


I sorted through my seeds and scared myself with how many I have to sow in February and March so started to take a gamble and start sowing this weekend.  Started the ball rolling with some Pak Choi.  I have never tried growing these before but I love eating them and they are very expensive so I thought I would have a go.  I also sowed some Pelagonium seeds – there were only 8 seeds in the packet so I hedged my bets and only sowed 4.  They need a high temperature to germinate and this doesnt suit everything else in the greenhouse at the mo, so I am experimenting with putting the pot in the iaring cupboard! 

As the weather is so grim this weekend I have retreated indoors to make Marmalade.  My local box scheme, Flights Organics, have sourced some Seville Oranges so I am having a go.  I love marmalade and I estimate that each jar will have cost me 50p plus time but this is a huge saving on what you pay in the shops so fingers crossed it sets.