The Patient Gardener


A gorgeous day in the garden here in Malvern.  Whilst there has been a cool wind, when the sun shone it was almost t-shirt warm.  Especially when you are rapidly going up and down a sloping garden moving pots around. As I hope to do Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post on Monday I thought I would try and avoid flowering photos.  So my first photo is a Cornus backlit by the sun. … Read More

I have been home alone for most of the weekend with no real plans and it has been blissful.  I have been pottering in every sense of the word.  I started with weeding the patio which was long overdue and is one of those incredibly satisfying garden jobs.  I use the blade of an old screwdriver, whose handle is long gone, and it is just the right size to get between the… Read More

Despite us having the luxury of a three-day weekend I don’t feel as though I have spent nearly enough time in the garden.  I’m not sure why I’ve been in and out like a yo-yo but there has been lots of faffing around rather than setting too in one area.  I have realised that all the major projects are more or less completed now and there isn’t really room for anything else… Read More

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. To me it seems that you are just putting yourself under pressure to achieve something which will undoubtedly not be achieved and you will feel like you have failed! But that is just my view. Instead I like to have aspirations and plans which I hope to achieve but with the full expectation that life may throw a curve ball and mean they are put… Read More

Like so many in the UK we have suffered a very wet week and weekend.  Although, luckily for us our house is on the side of the Malvern hills and so not really at much risk of flooding unlike some people who are having a horrid time.  Whenever we have heavy rain for any period of time our patio floods as you can see above.  We have to put a plank across… Read More

I am sure you have heard of Auricula Theatres well in my garden there is a Succulent Theatre.  This was never the intention when my son constructed this staging for me.  Last Spring I was fed up with this particular bit of the garden.  It is at the end of the patio and is an area of gravel just before my neighbours fence.  I have tried in the past to dig into… Read More

Surprise surprise it is raining on an English bank holiday!  Before the rain really set in I took some pics of my back garden so here is a tour. This is the patio as you come out of the kitchen.  As you can see there are lots of seedlings waiting to be planted out but its just too wet! My garden slopes up from the house, you can just see a brick… Read More