The Patient Gardener


My vase this week contains some late summer perennials which are looking good in the garden at the moment.  I have to admit to being a little mean when I cut flowers in the garden.  I really hate diminishing the display and many of my plants are  to young to produce lots of blooms. This week’s bunch contains some perennial Rudbeckia which arrived in the garden, possibly via bird seed.  One of… Read More

It was more of a challenge to find nice blooms for GBBD this month.  Lots of the plants are beginning to look tired and a little worn around the  edges but there are still some blooming their socks off.  The Rudbeckia above is very bright and I am actually struggling to find the right spot for it,  its definitely in the wrong spot at the moment colour wise but I am planning… Read More

New additions to the garden this week include this Bidens heterophylla, bought at the Malvern Autumn show last week.  At the moment it is about 4ft high but I understand it can grow to 6ft.  Its a lovely graceful plant and the flowers are a yummy pale buttery yellow. Another new acquisition which finally got planted out this weekend is Persicaria amplexicaulis ‘Atrosanguinea’.  I bought this from Hampton Court in Herefordshire back… Read More