The Patient Gardener

For the love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies, but always grows and grows to an enduring and ever-increasing source of happiness – Gertrude Jekyll



Plans are afoot

My garden for the last 9 years or so has become my identity to many people particularly as I have been a serial blogger on the subject.  Even recently at work people have started to ask about my blog and... Continue Reading →


Pondering on the Front Garden project

I suspect I was unconsciously thinking about taking up the front lawn when I decided to feature the front garden this year as the End of Month view.  It made me smile that I made no reference to lifting the... Continue Reading →

My Garden This Weekend

The first weekend of 2015 is coming to a close and the prospect of returning to work after the Christmas break is upon me.  For me any time spent in the garden at this time of year is a bonus.... Continue Reading →

Plans for 2014

I don't believe in New Year's resolutions. To me it seems that you are just putting yourself under pressure to achieve something which will undoubtedly not be achieved and you will feel like you have failed! But that is just... Continue Reading →

My Garden This Weekend – 1st April 2013

As I mentioned in my post last weekend I have had the last week off work but the weather has not been at all kind to me.  However, saying that it has been nice to relax and spend time with... Continue Reading →

My Garden This Weekend – 17th March 2013

At last the weather has been kind and allowed me a day in the garden.   The weekend had started well with a visit to Victoria at her new home and meeting her incredibly cute puppy Rufus, who is a scream. ... Continue Reading →

My garden this week – 13/1/2013

I find this time of year challenging in the sense that I don't see my garden Monday to Friday due to it being dark when I leave for and return from work.  I have no idea if the witch hazel... Continue Reading →


I don't go in for New Year resolutions as I think they are unhealthy and put you under pressure to achieve something which you will no doubt fail to achieve as you have never achieved it before.  But I have... Continue Reading →

Giving myself a pep talk

It has surprised me recently how many people have commented about the disparity between my blog name and my temperament.  My response is always - "Its aspirational!"probably said with more and more exasperation. I like to think I am a... Continue Reading →

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