The Patient Gardener


There are certain nurseries I enjoy visiting and there are certain people I enjoy buying plants with.  Today the two came together and I visited Cotswold Garden Flowers with Victoria, Rob and Darren.  I didn’t know Darren but I have known Victoria and Rob for some years.  Victoria and I went to San Francisco last summer and I worked with Rob at Chelsea a few years back. All three are knowledgeable about… Read More

During the Garden Bloggers Fling in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago we visited two nurseries.  When I saw these on the itinerary I was a little down as to make a plantaholic visit a nursery when they couldn’t buy any plants to take home to the UK seemed a bit mean. Oh well, I thought I would wander around and try not to covert too much and then we would… Read More

I said I would show you some of the nursery stands at the Malvern Autumn Show so here we go.  Firstly I must apologise for the poor quality of the photographs, as I said in my last post on Malvern I had my 7 year niece with me who declared plats were boring so my window of opportunity was short plus it seems the lighting was worse than I expected. With my… Read More