The Patient Gardener


As anticipated my visit to Great Dixter last weekend has really reinvigorated my enthusiasm for the garden.  I have started to look at the borders and considered how they could be improved.  There are some combinations which I am really pleased with which feature on this post but the lessons I learnt at Dixter are starting to help me re-evaluate those areas that I have struggled with for a while.  I have… Read More

I was stunned at how much the garden had filled out in the week we were in Cornwall.  Its like the plants had put on weight, well the established plants.  The dahlias and annuals don’t seem to have done much at all over the last week but hopefully they will get going soon. Looking at the garden on Saturday it was back to the old situation of not knowing where to start… Read More

Well I can’t complain about the weather this bank holiday weekend which makes a change.  Temperatures on the patio got up to 26C at one point yesterday which was a little too warm for pricking out but overall I am thrilled with how much I have achieved. The main task has been potting up the hanging baskets and pots with  review plants from Plant Me Now but I will post more fully… Read More

I have been completely immersed in gardening this weekend and its been wonderful.  The sun has shone and now on Sunday evening I have pleasantly achy limbs. I have been busy planting out plants that were waiting on the patio in the new border.  Tree peony (label lost its waiting so long), Paeonia lectiflora ‘Sarah Bernhardt’, two Ashwood hellebores, Hamamelia xintermedia ‘Aphrodite’, half a dozen dahlias and I also relocated a Cephalaria… Read More