The Patient Gardener


For a change the weather gods have been kind to me and the forecast rain has  held back and allowed me to garden to my heart’s delight.  In fact I stopped when my back was aching after some five hours of happy pottering and contemplating.  The garden is going through one of its lulls of transition from the spring bulbs to the summer perennials.  All the colour seems to be coming from… Read More

This has been a weekend of extremes of weather.  Today, my birthday, has been a non-event in the garden due to the drizzle and cold wind but this is fine as I wore myself out yesterday in the garden taking advantage of the sunshine. I love this time of year there is so much promise and every time I am in the garden I do much peering to see what bulbs and… Read More

After the delights of Wisley at the start of the week it is hard not to feel disillusioned when I look at my own garden.  I have to remind myself that I work full-time and my resources are signficantly less.  I also think it can be hard at this time of year not look negatively when we have had nothing but grey skies and the borders are looking bare so I shall… Read More

I do like planting bulbs, even more so than I like sowing seeds and with bulbs you don’t have to prick things out, pot up etc.  I think bulbs are wonderful, its amazing how much is packed into them.  You pop them in the ground, walk away and in six months time you have beautiful flowers – whats not to like. In previous years I have been a little cautious in my… Read More

I have mentioned in recent posts that I have been clearing the border along the fence at the top of the bottom steps.  The fence has been stained as dark as possible and my eldest son has run his electrical cable along it which is going to take power to his workshop – the cable just needs pulling taught now. In this border are two unknown roses that were in situ when… Read More

I thought as I was at the start of two weeks annual leave with no plans for going away just pottering around that I would start it with giving you a tour of the garden.  I have done this in the past but  not for a while and I enjoyed Loree’s tour of her garden so much I am copying her. So lets start at the kitchen door – above is the… Read More

I mentioned in my last post that I had created a new border – the Japanese fern border. My patio is quite shady on the garden size and is edged with a long narrow border which is backed by a 4ft wall which holds up the rest of the garden.  The border is divided in two by the greenhouse.  The longer section is my spring border which was featured in last year’s … Read More

This post is written in response to the latest prompt from the Grow Write Guild. We were asked to write about what inspired us to garden, or who our mentor was. I don’t have a gardening mentor and I don’t really remember anyone in my past being very garden focussed.  I remember my parents clearing overgrown gardens so we spent a lot of time outside but they have a tendency towards lawn… Read More

  I’m in a quandary. To be honest I think what it really boils down to is whether I want to my garden to be more designed or whether I want to focus on plants?  A year ago I would have said plants, but reading blogs and magazines has caused me to start being more interested in the overall appearance so now I am in a complete dilemma.  I will never be… Read More

Bulbs have been dominating my thoughts for a couple of weeks now not least because my bulb orders arrived about several weeks ago and until two days ago I hadn’t got around to opening the boxes and checking the orders.  Last weekend I was distracted with taking down hanging baskets and potting up tender plants to overwinter so this weekend was earmarked for planting bulbs.  There was only one problem I couldn’t… Read More