The Patient Gardener


I thought I would join in with Katarina’s weekly meme – Blooming Friday – the theme this week is not surprisingly Christmas.  I must start my apologising as my photos are not up to my normal standard.  It is gloomy outside and the camera flash etc has caused shadows etc but there you go. Anyway, me and flowering houseplants isn’t the best of combinations.  In fact me and houseplants of any kind… Read More

We have been getting very festive this weekend in readiness for Christmas.  As my youngest and I were finishing school and work on the 19th, we decided to wait until then to start putting up the decorations.  However, the odd bit of festive cheer, such as the Poinsettia above, had started to creep in. I know some people hate Poinsettias but I quite like them – well for a couple of weeks. … Read More