The Patient Gardener


This week’s photo challenge has definitely been a challenge as I haven’t been able to conveniently find a photo in my archive to meet the challenge. The idea behind the challenge is the Rule of Thirds which means that you put the subject of your photo in one-third of the frame.  It is then suggested that you go a step further and try to achieve bokeh.  Bokeh is the blurred area around… Read More

  This week’s Photo Challenge theme is scale – having something in a photo to show an extreme of scale.  As I quite like to do these posts on a Friday evening I tend to use photographs I already have rather than going out to take a photograph especially; it also gives me a good opportunity to look back through photos. I thought about large and small things and remembered this statue… Read More

  This week’s photo challenge theme is: Serenity.  I find this image very calming, and a reminder of a happy week with my sons. It was taken at Lake Maggiore, Italy in July this year.  

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Shadowed.  I have toyed with the obvious ideas of shadows but instead have gone for a feeling of being shadowed from the heat of the day. These photos were taken in July on the Isola Madre in Lake Maggiore in Italy.  The island is a botanic garden full of lush planting and shadows from the bamboos and are exotics create cool places to escape from… Read More

This week’s Photo Challenge theme is very aptly ‘New’. Interestingly this has made me perplexed as  I just couldn’t think of an image either already taken or that I could take which would represent this.  Luckily my eldest son suggested that I should feature some of the seed packets which keep arriving in the post at the moment since they represent the potential for lots of new plants – I thought that… Read More

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge theme is ‘Warmth‘. Looking through old photographs I came across these taken of the Jubilee Beacon on top of the Malvern Hills on the 4th June 2012.  It was indeed a very warm experience.

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme is Yellow and being a gardener yellow obviously means flowers so here are some yellow highlights from the garden this year.

This week’s theme for the WordPress Photo Challenge is Change.  I struggled with how to capture this theme until my son suggested I show how the back garden has changed since we moved here in 2004.  Above is the photograph of the back garden from the house particulars.  It shows the angle of the slope which shocks many but my last garden was steeper!  You can see a conifer in the middle… Read More

This week’s weekly photo challenge theme is Lost in the Detail.  The idea is that instead of the usual landscape shot (below) you look into the landscape at the detail (above). The subject for the post is Stokesay Castle in Shropshire. For more Lost in the Detail posts visit DailyPost

The theme for this week’s Photo Challenge is Follow – here is my interpretation taken at the Paralympics 2012. For more weekly photo challenges visit here