The Patient Gardener


I’ve been moving a lot of plants around over the last couple of weeks partly to clear the Big Border for edibles but also to address some of the plants that have outgrown their space or just aren’t looking great any more.  It has made be really aware of how dry the soil was becoming and I have found myself having to get the hose out several times a week to try… Read More

I think that Spring has definitely sprung in my garden, there is certainly a lot of colour, lots of pastels. The hellebores are certainly beginning to go over with the colour starting to fade although the yellow hellebore seems to retain its strength of colour and picks up the yellow of the Forsythia well. The garden is animated by the clumsy wanderings of the Bumble Bees bouncing from one spring flower to… Read More

The garden is sparkling with colour, lots of spots of colour much like an impressionist painting and I have to say that this is certainly my garden’s best season.  The colour and shimmer is created from lots of small flower heads in a myriad of pastel colours.  So for this month’s Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post I thought I would zoom in on my favourite flowers this week. Alot of the colour… Read More

My garden this weekend is soggy and blustery which is fine as I have the start of a cold and as I have next week off as annual leave I have decided to give in to the cold in the hope that it goes quickly. So there has been no gardening – instead there has been photography as I have a new camera which I am surprisingly thrilled with.  I broke my… Read More

At last I have more than 3 or 4 blooms to include in this month’s Garden Blogger Bloom Day post.  Spring is definitely here. A lot of colour in my garden at the moment is coming from various Primulas.  I have a growing fascination with them and have realised that the number and variety in my garden is increasing.  Many I have grown from seed but one or two I have bought. … Read More

This weekend has been a very good gardening weekend.  Having done my regular housework chores, shopping etc the weekend was mine and the sun was almost shining. I have been so desperate to get out and to start putting all my plans into  action; plans that I had devised standing and looking at the garden from the landing window during the winter months.  I have quite a collection of young plants that… Read More