The Patient Gardener


The mild Autumn is certainly causing some surprising combinations in the garden this December.  There are a number of flowers which seem to have been in flower for months and it is almost as though they have been frozen in time like Sleeping Beauty. Here we have Gladiolus callianthus which are putting on an excellent display at the top of the garden. They are a welcome surprise this year as I tipped… Read More

The last couple of weeks have given us the occasional bright sunny days with temperatures just nudging 20C.  It seems like the garden has had its touch-paper lit and the plants are rushing forward.  Every day there seems to be something new opening or germinating.  Today’s thrill is the first Anemone pavonina opening its flower.  I bought three plants last year from Stocktonbury Gardens, taking great care where I planted them and… Read More

This is the fourth year I have done a flower count on Boxing Day.  I had noticed when weeding on Christmas Eve that there seemed to be quite a few flowers around presumably due to the recent mild weather, so it will be interesting to see how things compare. I am particularly thrilled that Iris unguicularis ‘Walter Butt’ is in flower.  Last year it flowered at the start of December and although… Read More

I think there is only one word to describe the garden this week – soggy! The ground is sodden to the extent that the woodchip and grass paths are becoming challenging to negotiate and the patio floods quickly.  It really doesn’t make for good or mildly alright gardening weather.  That said I have little energy left after decorating my bedroom this last week  to do much in the garden so the endless… Read More

Looking back I didn’t bother to do a Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post last year which I am assuming is because we had so much snow for so many weeks that I was quite disengaged with the garden and there probably wasn’t anything to show anyway. How different it is 12 months later.  Today I spotted my first snowdrops almost in flower.   There has been lots on twitter and the blogasphere about… Read More

This week’s theme for  Blooming Friday set by Katarina over at Roses and Stuff is ‘Essentials’ I have been pondering what Katarina’s intention was when she chose this theme.  Firstly, I was going to photograph the tools I consider essential in the garden but then I  realised that this wasn’t particularly apt for ‘Blooming Friday’.  I then thought, well food is essential so maybe I should be featuring edibles but I don’t… Read More

I had hoped to do a slide show for this month but with one thing and another I havent had time to take the photos and compile the show so I’m afraid I will only be including my highlights.  Primulas are still one of the one flowers in my garden at the moment and my favourites are the Drumstick Primulas (above).  I have four of them now and they are bulking up… Read More

Amazingly I have managed to find some blooms in the garden (and greenhouse I confess!) to do a Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post for December Primula seedlings waited for me to plant them out Hebe in one of my winter pots Pelagonium in the greenhouse Hydranga still flowering and finally this rose bud which is plumping up but I wonder if it will actually flower.  How lovely it would be to have… Read More