The Patient Gardener


I don’t generally do product reviews as I really believe that you need to try something thoroughly before you endorse it.  However, when I was contacted by Janiro enquiring if I was interested in trying their Barrier Bar  aimed at those of us whose hands suffer from too much work I jumped at the chance. I get terribly dry hands when I am gardening, especially if I am potting plants up.  I… Read More

Mia Fleur have invited me to review a couple of the planters in their product range.  Mia Fleur are an online boutique which specialises in interior design products either designed by themselves or other UK designer makers.  I am all for supporting home grown talent and so I agreed to have a look.  They sent me two metal troughs; the small one measuring 17 x 28 x 17cm and the medium one… Read More

I don’t tend to review products as I feel that in order to provide a good review I need to test them properly and I am just too disorganised for that.  I can read a book, consider a plant but testing a product is more challenging.  However, I was rather tempted by the email asking me (some time ago – I told you I was disorganised) if I would consider review a… Read More

I was asked a while ago to review a new innovation for plant watering, needless to say since I received the purerain handheld gun it has rained.  However the other week the temperatures briefly warmed up and I gave it a whirl. The concept behind the innovation is to aerate tap water.  Why? I hear you ask do I want to do this.  Rain water contains oxygen, apparently gathered as th raindrops… Read More