The Patient Gardener


It’s not as full steam ahead as I remember last April in the greenhouse.   The change in weather with cooler temperatures than last year has meant that the seedlings aren’t sprinting away as much which I suppose gives me a chance to keep on top of things but at the same time means that plants aren’t moving out and making space for the next seeds as quickly as I would like. I… Read More

Things are warming up on my greenhouse, although the temperatures haven’t really yet been high enough for the heater to be put away. It was a bit too grey, cold and windy to do much in the garden yesterday so I spent a couple of hours tidying up the greenhouse.  I have sown, pricked out and potted up.  You can see my broad beans are beginning to germinate and I have  also… Read More

There comes a point when you realise that there isn’t much more theory you can learn about something and the only way forward is to get hands on experience.  This realisation came to me yesterday when I attended an excellent propagation study day at Sally Gregson’s nursery in Somerset  organised by the WFGA There were 9 of us on the study day  with varying amounts of knowledge regarding propagation but all keen… Read More

Back at the end of May I posted about the beheading of my Aeonium.  The plant had got so ridiculously tall that I decided to take a friend’s advice and chop the top off and root it in some gritty compost and I was reliably told that the remaining stem would sprout new leaves.  Being a obsessive seed sower and propagator I considered the remaining stem which in my opinion was still far too… Read More