The Patient Gardener


I have run out of enthusiasm for garden visiting, a sensation I am finding quite surprising. Garden visiting is something I have done for some 6 years or more on a fairly regular basis. Until the last year I felt excited and enthusiastic about visiting a garden. It was like unwrapping a present on Christmas morning; that feeling of anticipation, wonder and curiosity. Now that feeling has gone and instead when a… Read More

I was very interested to receive an advanced information sheet from Bloomsbury Books for Sarah Raven’s new book ‘Wild Flowers’. I have always been interested in wild flowers. I remember doing a project over the summer holidays when I was a teenager on the composition of a hedge.  The project was for a school competition and involved me looking carefully and recording all the plants in a country hedge near our house… Read More

To date I have been rather purist about my blog keeping it very much focussed on gardening but I have to admit that I have given in to the temptation of chocolate – I know it is a disgrace! I have been sent five bars of chocolate by Chocolate & Love – yes that’s five bars of proper chocolate.  This is real chocolate with high cocoa content and low sugar content –… Read More