The Patient Gardener


One of the best presents my sons ever bought me was the RHS A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants probably about 10 years ago.  A hugely valuable resource that opens the keen amateur gardener’s eyes to the amazing world of plants.  Naturally, having loved this publication for many years I was interested to be offered a review copy by Dorling Kingsley of their new edition, published on 9th September 2016. The new edition… Read More

I have been attending RHS Malvern Spring Festival, as it is now known, for 15 years and over this time there has been a slow increase in the quality and number of show gardens.  It is often touted as a show that attracts those garden designers who are putting their toe in the show garden water and I think this year there was a distinct improvement in the quality of planting and… Read More

I am always in two minds about anthologies.  I often find them disappointing with the assorted short articles or stories.  I think I really like to get into a subject more.  So it was with two minds that I agreed to review the RHS’s new publication The Garden Anthology. The book has been edited by Ursula Buchan and is a compilation of a wide range of articles that appeared in the magazine… Read More

There is no ‘My Garden This Weekend’ post this week as I have spent the weekend in London helping at the Alpine Garden Society/RHS Alpine Show.  This is a new show and was held on a Sunday which means it is a nuisance for me to get to as there seem to be no trains to London from Malvern on a Sunday morning.  So I offered to help out at the show… Read More

I cancelled my RHS membership this week, well I cancelled the renewal of it.  This hasn’t been an easy decision which is ridiculous given that it is just an annual subscription to something. Just after having made the decision I read an article by Frank Ronan in a copy of Gardens Illustrated from 2008 which talked about whether membership of the RHS was necessary to be a good gardener.  In the article… Read More

I recently read an article in the RHS magazine The Garden about the importance of urban greening of gardens on the environment and it aggravated a kind of sore that I experience when I drive through my neighbourhood. I live on a small suburban housing estate which is made up of bungalows, detached and  semi-detached houses.  The estate is on a fairly steep hillside which means many people’s gardens slope.  As well… Read More

I have done very well this year for gardening Christmas presents – I think my family and friends have just given in now.  To start with my boss gave me the lovely Azalea above.  Every Christmas Eve I collect him from town with his food shopping as he doesnt drive and in return I normally get some sort of flower arrangement etc – this year it was the Azalea which I am… Read More

Well I am very impressed with my recent purchase of a subscriptions to BBC Gardens Illustrated – I have been meaning to subscribe for a while to save me having to remember to buy it each month but I have been waiting for a good offer.  I noticed the other week that if I subscribed now I could save 25% on my subscription plus I had a choice of two gifts each worth… Read More