Pots of joy!


I’m pleased with my pots, baskets and tubs so far this year.  Above is a trough that is outside my kitchen window.  I’m slightly concerned that if the plants continue growing at the rate they have been that my kitchen may get very dark.  In this trough there are some geraniums that I bought as tiny plug plants, Salpiglossis and Verbena – all grown from seed. 


I have two of these baskets planted up at the back of the house.  They have the same combination of plants as the trough but also have some Lobelia.  However for some reason everything is merriloy growing upwards and nothing seems to want to trail over the edge! 

I have for some while gone off Petunias which have been described by some bloggers as granny plants.  I just dont like their sprawling nature and their sticky leaves and stems which make deadheading a pain. Plus I think their colours are often a disappointment.  This year I have discovered Salpiglossis and I think they are a wonderful alternative.  I have grown them from seed and they were very easy.  I particularly like the markings on the inside of the flower.  The seed mix I have is called Bolero and there is a combination of shades from this vibrant purple through to yellows and pinks.

The following two pictures show my pots on the patio.  I have planted them up with a mixture of flowers and vegetables and the Sweetcorn is doing particularly well. 

But my very favourite basket at the moment is the one full of strawberries.  The bugs and birds dont seem to have found them and as the basket is hanging above the water butt I graze on the strawberries as I wait for the watering can to fill up.  Think I might have more than one next year.