The Greenhouse Year – April 2014


2014_04190015Another month has passed and the greenhouse is full to bursting although the winter occupants are beginning to move out and the new spring tenants are starting to move in.  There has been a slight swop over with the succulents moving across the greenhouse to the slatted benching and the seedling trays moving to the gravel beds.  I think the seed trays do better with the humidity around them.  I really need to move the succulents out to make room for seedlings etc but I think it will be another few weeks before I can risk the weather.

The new shelves on the back wall are proving to be a wonderful investment.  They are freeing up some space and the agaves, aloes and pelargoniums on the top shelf seem to really like the heat.  Other


occupants include Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos flavidus) which I have grown from seed and a bulbine frutescens also grown from seed.


Seedlings are beginning to appear but I haven’t really started my sowing yet so you can see why I need more space.  The majority of seeds sown to date germinate well in the outside cold-frame but tomorrow I am planning to sow some tender annuals.  The grassy seedlings are white/cream camassias grown from seed collected from the garden last year.  I am quite pleased with them.


The lower shelves are crammed full of pelargoniums, dahlia tubers and chrysanthemums.  They could all do with more light but with some regular moving around they will be fine until its warm enough for them to go outside.


The small floor space is rather crowded with the plants that are too heavy or tall to go on the racking.  I think the Salvia involucrata boutin can be planted out on the slope soon. The Aeonium is in serious need of chopping so I might do that tomorrow.

So that’s my tiny greenhouse this month – I hope you enjoyed the tour.

End of Month View – September 2013


It’s the end of September and Autumn is definitely upon us although it’s not that obvious from the photograph above.  Whilst we have been blessed with a sunny warm weekend there was a strong wind first thing on Sunday and a distinct nip in the air with the start of that damp smell I associate with Autumn.


I think the photograph above demonstrates the messiness of the row of Descampsia and why I’m not happy with the idea of planting a row of them.  I have a row of grasses in the main garden but they are behind other plants and the Calamagrostis are neater plants.  The Descampsia are going to be rejigged so that they provide an interesting background to the plants they are currently hiding, such as the Salvia  above.


The real problem though isn’t the grasses and a closer look at the front of the garden shows why I dislike working in the front garden – the weeds and in particular what I think is an alpine strawberry or a relative of it.  It doesn’t seem to matter how much I did it up it still comes back.  I have to confess to not keeping on top of the problem but it is on my list of jobs to tackle  in the coming weeks.  Once I have weeded and re-jigged the planting I am going to top dress with mulch in the hope that this covering will stop the weeds coming back.


Next year the planting above should be reversed so the grass provides a backdrop to the Salvia rather than masking it completely.


The driveway border has been replanted and more irises added along with Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’ and some small Nepeta which the grasses were dwarfing at the front.  I think this looks better but we shall see how it goes next year.

So that is my Front Garden at the end of September.  If you would like to join in with the End of Month View you are very welcome and you can use  it however you wish.  However, please leave a link to your post in the comments box below and also a link to this post in your post – that way we can all find each other and have a good  nose at each others gardens.