The Patient Gardener


Having been away for a week and then recovering from jet lag and exhaustion from a full on trip and heavy workload before it has really been two weeks since I really spent time in the garden.  Of course, it is now very hot so I am working around it by gardening early morning or in the evening which I have discovered is a lovely time to be in the garden. There… Read More

  Well here we are at another Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – where does the time go.  It is becoming a real challenge now to find flowers in the garden and after the strong winds and rain we have had the last few days anything that was looking good is looking pretty miserable.  I was going to include my Rudbeckias and Dahlias but the flowers are just soggy brown bundles now. However,… Read More

Small areas of my garden remain colourful at the moment.  I have a couple of the above Chrysanthmums which I propogated as cuttings from one of those dumpy pots mums that you buy at service stations.  The offspring are taller and definately more attractive.  I particularly like the tones on this one – hence the cuttings. This is a form of annual Scabious that I grew from seed this year.  These have… Read More