The Patient Gardener


Here we are and the greenhouse is just as full as last month although the occupants have changed a little.  Some salvias and an agave which were being overwintered have now moved outside, although I will have to keep an eye on the temperatures.  The succulents and pelargoniums have been moved around to make room for seed trays and the remaining pots of bulbs have been moved out to the cold frames… Read More

  What a wonderful weekend it has been.  Saturday was bright and sunny and warm enough for gardening in a T-shirt and for sitting and contemplating with a cuppa.  Luckily I bothered to check the weather forecast for a change and focussed all my energies on outside gardening jobs leaving Sunday for seed sowing and potting up which can be done under cover. I have dug out the cane domes and placed… Read More

I don’t tend to review products as I feel that in order to provide a good review I need to test them properly and I am just too disorganised for that.  I can read a book, consider a plant but testing a product is more challenging.  However, I was rather tempted by the email asking me (some time ago – I told you I was disorganised) if I would consider review a… Read More

The cold has continued so there has been no real gardening done which is quite frustrating.  I have my fingers crossed that by next weekend, the first weekend in March and my birthday weekend that things will be warming up. Despite the cold the weekend hasn’t been without its horticultural flavour.  Yesterday, I spent the majority of the day at my local Hardy Plant Society meeting.  This is the first time I… Read More

It appears that I have acquired a reputation amongst my blogging and twitter friends of being a seed addict – goodness knows why! Well if I’m honest I do get particularly excited at the potential that comes with each small packet of seeds.  In this day and age with soaring costs and tightening budgets there aren’t many things you can buy for a couple of pounds with the potential to provide so… Read More

There comes a point when you realise that there isn’t much more theory you can learn about something and the only way forward is to get hands on experience.  This realisation came to me yesterday when I attended an excellent propagation study day at Sally Gregson’s nursery in Somerset  organised by the WFGA There were 9 of us on the study day  with varying amounts of knowledge regarding propagation but all keen… Read More

A weekend of two halves this weekend.  The first half was full of the noise of motors revving and the second half of  flying  seed compost. We had a great day on Saturday at Silverstone Race Course. It was my eldest’s birthday last weekend and one of his presents was learning to control a skidding car at Silverstone.  Having partaken of a very nice lunch at the White Lion in the village of Silverstone, voted… Read More