The Patient Gardener


It’s all a little hazy what my first plant was.  I have racked my brains and finally whilst staring at the snow and sipping another cup of tea, I really am drinking too much tea but I am so bored, I remembered that as a young child I was given a mini-greenhouse as a Christmas present. Now don’t be overly impressed when I say mini greenhouse I don’t mean something that you… Read More

I am a self-confessed seedaholic.  I can’t resist, its hopeless.  My addiction is really tested in the winter months when its hard to get outside to gardening and I find myself wandering around the internet in the evenings. This evening I have decided I need to sort through the box which I can barely close the lid on as I really need to start the serious seed sowing for the season.  Alpines… Read More

Not a lot has happened in the garden over the past week – well I haven’t done much but the garden has been busy getting on with it by itself as it has a habit of doing. I felt quite anxious yesterday since I only managed to grab half an hour in the garden and walking round it I just felt overwhelmed by all the jobs that need doing.  I have decided… Read More

Five years ago today I posted my first blog post.  I remember being very nervous about raising my head above the parapet and throwing my voice out into the world-wide web.  I love the internet with a passion.  I think it is just an amazing invention.  When I think about how easy it is to find out information, to research holidays, contact friends and family abroad compared with 22 years ago I… Read More

  ….I shall be a happy woman! I have spent far too many hours in the evening over the last couple of weeks sorting seeds.  This sounds like a nice restful relaxing occupation, well that’s what I thought when I volunteered to help out with the Alpine Garden Society seed distribution scheme this year. I joined the Society back in the summer mainly because I was told it has a wonderful seed… Read More

It’s not as full steam ahead as I remember last April in the greenhouse.   The change in weather with cooler temperatures than last year has meant that the seedlings aren’t sprinting away as much which I suppose gives me a chance to keep on top of things but at the same time means that plants aren’t moving out and making space for the next seeds as quickly as I would like. I… Read More

I know the quality of this photo is a bit grainy but I was completely captivated by the weird seed heads on this plant and only had one shoot as the battery was about to give up. At first I thought it was some horrid bug infeststion, along the lines of the lily bettle. But now, after plucking up courage to look more closely I have realised that these are indeed the… Read More

At last a productive day in the garden. Unfortunately whilst Mother Nature had finally got her act together and granted us a lovely sunny day I was very  weary  having been up half the night hooked on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by  Stieg Larsson.  Recently, with one thing and another including a lot of rain all I have managed in the garden is to nearly keep on top of the… Read More

Its amazing what you spot if you are looking properly in the garden and especially if you are abit tardy in tidying up the garden for winter. I have been shockingly poor at looking after my Eucomis, or Pineapple flower, this year.  I bought the bulbs two years ago but was very disappointed in the performance of the plants.  I suspect in hindsight that the bulbs were quite young and I put… Read More

Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow – I have spent the last 5 months organising a large event at work, the local University, when we will be installing our founding Chancellor.  The big event is tomorrow afternoon and I have just under 500 people coming.  It has been a logistical nightmare! Particularly as our new Chancellor is a member of the royal family. I have my fingers crossed that it wont… Read More