The Patient Gardener


Its all very well having a wildlife pond but when the birds start dimantling it you wonder why you bothered! When I build the pond about 3 years ago I covered the liner edge with turf as per Alan Titchmarsh’s instructions in How to be a Gardener.  This hasnt worked as the grass grew into the pond and I have had a constant battle with it pulling out clumps.  I cant get… Read More

At last a sunny weekend and I have managed to actually get out into the garden. I can tell I havent done any serious gardening for a while as my back was really aching.  Started tidying the borders, doing abit of weeding and pruning back things like Penstamons and Verbenas.  Its wonderful to see plants beginning to emerge from the dank dark soil.  The Polminariums that I thought I had lost have… Read More

Excitement today as my selection of seeds from the Cottage Garden Society (CGS)arrived.  In early December you get a listing of around 2000 seeds that have been donated by members and you can purchase 15 packets for £4.  There are no descriptions or photos so I end up spending hours trying to find what things are, trawling through books, seed catalogues and on the web.  Then you send your order off –… Read More