The Patient Gardener


Some times you have to listen to people when they are giving you advice and you also have to listen to your body when it is protesting.  I haven’t done either very well recently.  Consequently, by the end of Saturday I was completed exhausted and my body ached all over.  I suspect a two day trip to Plymouth to see my youngest son’s end of University design show driving for 3 hours… Read More

I’m a day early with the weekly review post but I am planning on a horticultural outing tomorrow so I thought I might as well get blogging.  As I said last week at this time of year with the short days I don’t see the garden apart from at the weekend, although I did notice towards the end of the week that it was more twilight when I drove home from work… Read More

I probably should be waiting until tomorrow to write this post as we have a three-day weekend but I am a creature of habit and Sunday evenings have now become the time I review the garden over the last week. For someone who is naturally self-effacing I find it hard to say that I am quite proud of the garden at the moment but it is true.  There was a moment this… Read More