The Patient Gardener


I have only myself to blame – I have been away too much recently; the majority of the garden has been neglected due to clearing space for the workshop; and recently the heat has reduced my energy and enthusiasm.  How do I know that I haven’t had my eye on the ball? Well you only have to look at the state of the Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum) leaves above. I had noticed something… Read More

The colour has  really exploded this last week in my garden.  Typical, the plants could have shown their faces a week ago when I was descended on by the Malvernmeet bloggers but never mind this way I get to tempt you with small  glimpses again.  I love the delicacy of the Brunnera above (even if I can’t always remember its name!), it very similar to the forget me nots which I also… Read More

I had a wander round the garden tonight to see what was and what wasn’t coping with the heat.  I was thrilled to see this weird flower bud emerging This is an Arum Korolkowii.  I bought it last year from a rare plant fair as I liked the leaves but it was only a seedling then and the plant seller was vague about what the flower would look like. I couldnt find a… Read More