The Patient Gardener


March seems to have roared in like a lion, which hopefully will mean it will end like a lamb but we will wait to see if that old adage is true.  Today we had another day full of blustery winds and squally showers, intermingled with sunshine, which at first seemed a good day for gardening but that blustery wind was very cold, cutting right through me.  The result was about an hour… Read More

I’m choosing to resist the temptation to bemoan the weather over the last month and instead celebrate the abundance in my borders. The tipsy pots are a clear indicator of the absence of the gardener for most of this past month.  Life has been busy with little time to garden but I had a wonderful long weekend last week in Newcastle upon Tyne at the Quilters Guild conference learning lots of new… Read More

On queue the Deutzia is flowering in time for the Malvern Spring Festival.  I don’t know which variety it is as it was here when I moved in 13 years ago.  I cut it back heard each year after flowering or we wouldn’t be able to get up the steps to the garden! This year is seems to be groaning with flowers more than ever before. The garden is looking very lush… Read More

It hadn’t occurred to me to use violas in my weekly vase until Saturday’s HPS meeting.  We have a display table on which more confident members than me display various plants or vases of flowers, foliage, berries etc.  These are then used for the morning discussion which is generally led by Bob Brown of Cotswold Garden Flowers and is the best part of the meeting.  You certainly learn a lot, the first… Read More

I’m sure you won’t mind me saying that I am rather pleased with my garden at the moment.  It makes me smile so much especially when the sun shines, as it has been all week, and the small spring flowers glow. I have been taking advantage of the longer days and have managed to work outside for an hour at least three evenings during the week and I am hoping to make… Read More

I have to say that I am incredibly chuffed with how much I have done in the garden this weekend.  I know I might sound to be gloating but as I was feeling a little under the weather at the end of week plus I have been home alone I didn’t really expect to achieve much. After my sterling efforts the week before when I painted the back fence in the evenings… Read More

This time last year I had one of my weekends of enthusiastic activity and lifted the turf (well moss) for a new border in the garden (see below).  Then the weather changed and it was hot and dry for months making it almost impossible to dig the new border.  I cheated terribly and covered the soil with a thick layer of green waste  and planted into this.  There were only a couple… Read More

As dusk falls over my garden the daffodils and primroses are the last flowers to disappear into the gloom.Yellow is one of those colours synonymous with spring.  I have often wondered why so many spring flowers are yellow and I think it is to attract the bees and other pollinators.  It is certainly a cheery colour.  I have daffodils popping up all around the garden.  The large trumpet daffs that I inherited… Read More

I have a weakness for Irises of any description and they are slowly but surely increasing in my garden.  For me it isn’t the snowdrop that signals Spring is nearly here, although I don’t dispute they are lovely things.  No it is the iris reticulata or histriodies. I buy some bulbs each year, the quantity increases each year, and plant them up in a range of small terracotta pots and pans.  These… Read More

The word for this week’s Word for Wednesday is ‘ephemeral’ which has taken me back a year to last autumn when I was trying to lodge horticultural theory in my head in order to pass my RHS 2 certificates. According to the Royal Horticultural Society ‘ephemeral’ refers to a plant that has more than one life cycle in one growing season and increases in number rapidly.  Many weeds fall into this category… Read More