The Patient Gardener


You would think booking the last week of March as annual leave would be a safe bet for some gardening time.  Not so.  Whilst officially we are in Spring the weather outside is still very wintery.  I awoke this morning to snow, not enough to snow us in but enough to make the journey to work unpleasant.  It has rained all day with the odd bout of sleet and the patio is… Read More

Like so many in the UK we have suffered a very wet week and weekend.  Although, luckily for us our house is on the side of the Malvern hills and so not really at much risk of flooding unlike some people who are having a horrid time.  Whenever we have heavy rain for any period of time our patio floods as you can see above.  We have to put a plank across… Read More

It’s been a stunning week weather wise.  The temperatures here in Malvern have been around 18/19C the last couple of days.  The garden has visibly filled out in front of my eyes to the extent that my peonies are obviously taller when I get home than when I went to work that morning. I stopped off on the way home to pick up some vegetable seeds for the allotment which I hadn’t… Read More

I have often wondered what drives people to be obsessive about things and in particular to feel a need to collect every type available.  I have never been one to collect; I had a stamp collection briefly as a child and also a collection of pig ornaments for a while but my interest in them soon fizzled out.  So when I read about galanthophiles (snowdrop collectors) I am puzzled.  After all the… Read More

At last a pleasant couple of hours in the garden.  I really struggle at this time of year as with the short days I only get weekends to garden and then I have to do the weekly household chores first so gardening time is very precious. I set off with the intention of preparing the ground to move a shrub which is driving me mad.  It is in direct view of the… Read More

  Whilst this Winter and early Spring have been unprecedentedly cold the crocuses do seem to have benefited.  I don’t remember a year when they have looked so good.  I have to admit that I have a half-hearted relationship with crocus.  They look lovely in parkland in large drifts under deciduous trees but I hate them when they are used in municipal planting schemes as they look so unnatural.  Hardly suprising when they are… Read More

Finally there are signs of Spring in the garden.  The Hellebore above is one of my favourites this week – I love the deepness of the purple flowers.  Unfortunately, if my memory serves me right the flowers are more washed out when they open.  There are bulbs appearing all over the garden, I never seem to remember planting them so they are a constant surprise.  I was pleased to see new leaves sprouting… Read More