Patience is rewarded


I have been particularly pleased this Spring to discover some pots of seeds which have germinated.  Why are these pots so special and pleasing to me.  Well I sowed the seeds in March 2009, nothing happened but I rarely give up quickly with seeds so the pots were pushed to the back of the greenhouse and forgotten.  After Christmas when I was clearing out the  greenhouse to put in my new staging the pots where put out on the patio and forgotten.  Then over the last few weeks I have noticed seedlings emerging – a year after sowing.  The seeds above are for Ornithogalum pyramidale, I  have got Anthriscus sylvestris ‘Ravenswing’ and Silene fimbriata. Obviously, these perennials really need the cold to break their dormancy which certainly happened this winter!

So the lesson is don’t discard your pots of seeds that haven’t germinated too quickly you never know if you put them to one side and forget about them you may get a surprise

My friends often think it is funny that my blog is called The Patient Gardener since I am often not seen as a patient person.  However, I do have patience and it is most apparent in the garden and in particular in growing things from seed.