The Patient Gardener


I picked my first  2 strawberries today – well I say 2 but one of them isn’t really fully ripe.  The trouble is I also removed 5 half eaten strawberries from the plants which I am presuming the birds have had a go at so I decided they weren’t getting the big fat nearly ripe one too.  I had hoped not to have to resort to netting the plants but it appears… Read More

I have been doing regular posts on the allotment but I thought it might be interesting to join in with the Garden Bloggers Harvest Day meme hosted by Barbie and Christine. However, despite it being June the cold weather we had recently has slowed everything down and delayed young plants being planted out  so in fact there is little to harvest at the moment.  There is a real sense of anticipation that… Read More

I had a very soggy visit to the allotment yesterday.   It was a case of having to go as I hadn’t visited for just over a week and as I am away next weekend it would be another 7-8 days before I would have another opportunity.  As I have been working so hard at the plot I wasn’t too worried about the work that might need to be done but I wanted… Read More

So far my experiment of growing Broad Beans and Sweet Peas in a pot seems to have been working.  When I first planted it up I also had Pak Choi in the pot but I have harvested these now.  Having been successful so far with this, I have decided to try planting Sweet Corns in a pot.  My son wanted to grow them and as with all kids having sowed them and pricked… Read More