The Patient Gardener


The Tithonia are the stars of the Big Border at the moment.  I am really pleased with them having grown them from seed.  They were planting out just before the heat wave and then just sat there until the heatwave broke.  They have quickly put on growth and are now flowering their socks off.  I may just grow them again next year. I’m also really pleased with the Knipofia ‘Popsicle’ which were… Read More

This month I thought I would show you new arrivals  or flowers which are my particular favourites.  My heart is currently won over by Anemone rivularis (above).  I grew them from seed last year without having done much research on them.  As they were listed as being summer flowering I supposed they would be much like the Japanese Anemones which I have lots of and which are thugs in my garden.  But… Read More