Things I Like

So today’s writing assignment is to make a list. Either a list of things I like, things I have learnt or things I wish.  I feel the latter two would lead to too much philosophising and making a list of Things I Like on a chilly misty morning seems a good way to start the day.

1. Colour – I love colour but especially reds, purples, and oranges.  They are an injection of happiness on a grey day and pick up your spirits when you are feeling low. They warm the soul.

2. Turkish Delight – I know its to everyone’s taste but I have a sweet tooth and love anything sweet but if I see Turkish Delight I really can’t resist it.  It’s the ultimate syrupy sweetness.

3. Reading – I am a compulsive reader, my degree is in Literature.  I read every night and I read somewhere recently that this was good for you as it allows my mind to turn off from other things.  I particularly like a good murder mystery or detective story but due to my love of history (see below) I really really love a good historical mystery.  Currently I am reading the Sister Fildema novels set in early Medieval Ireland.

4. History – I love history especially medieval history but I find other periods fascinating too and I find early American history very interesting.

5. My car – well having a car, my new car and I aren’t too fond of each other at the moment, but I love the freedom owning a car gives me.

6. My job – yes I do like my job, honest

7. Embroidery – I have dabbled in all sorts of crafts over the years but finally with embroidery I have found something that relaxes me.  As I said yesterday I have a restless mind and concentrating on the intricacies of embroidery calms me and it is very satisfying.

8. Steam trains – I love the sound and smell of steam trains.

9. Motor racing – especially the older cars such as you get at the Festival of Speed or at the local hill climb.  I love the sound the older cars make as they accelerate.  It is so evocative.

10. and yes plants – I adore plants, find them fascinating and beautiful.

Just to clarify, the above are in no particular order.