The Patient Gardener


If you are ever, as I often am, in need of a quick garden writing fix – maybe a drop of wisdom from Beth Chatto, Vita Sackville-West or Dan Pearson – then Of Rhubarb and Roses is for you. The book is a compilation of articles from the gardening section of the Telegraph.  Tim Richardson was tasked with the job of going through the cuttings, and you can imagine the pile of… Read More

“A garden is inseparable from its legends. It needs, as well as walking, reading” Alasdair Forbes, Plaz Metaxu At first glance The New English Garden by Tim Richardson looks like your typical coffee table book. Large, heavy and full of stunning atmospheric photographs by that well-known garden photographer Andrew Lawson. However, it soon become evident that the text is not along the lines of the predictable and polite articles on gardens that… Read More