The Patient Gardener


Any one who reads this blog will know that I have had a nightmare winter with a badger digging up all my tulips that I had planted in the back garden borders.  Luckily I had decided not to spend too much on tulips for the back garden this year as I wanted to see how well the previous year’s tulips did.  Instead I bought mainly narcissus as well as some tulips for… Read More

I have had to address some of the problem spots in my garden and also carry out some of the projects I had planned because of the impending visit of a group of gardening bloggers on the 7th May.  I was going to say UK bloggers but you will see if you peruse the blog for the Blogger meet up at Malvern Spring show that we will be having US, Polish and… Read More

I am always looking for an excuse to increase the water in my garden apart from the stuff that comes down from the sky.  I have been thinking about having a small pond on the patio for a while now.  We have a reasonably sized wildlife pond which seems to be thriving if the size of the tadpoles is anything to go by but its up the garden and I wanted something… Read More