The Patient Gardener


I have a real weakness for Pinterest.  It keeps my over active mind engaged in the evenings especially at the moment when there is little on television apart from sport.  I rarely pin recipes as many of the Pinners I follow are in the US and the recipes are often hard to translate due to their different measurements and with ingredients I can’t find. However, the other day on a particularly warm… Read More

  Not much has changed in the greenhouse over the last month.  The light levels and temperatures have been lower than normal and this has held things back.  I have been using the greenhouse to protect many of my succulents and alpines to prevent them getting too water damaged.  However with the temperatures due to return to what we would expect for this time of year I have moved them out so… Read More

I wasnt going to bother with Tomatoes this year after a complete failure last year, but what would summer be without nurturing tomato plants and some free seeds appeared with AG magazine so what the heck lets have another go.  For the last couple of years I have grown my toms in pots so this year I thought I would revert back to a grow-bag to see if that worked better.  But… Read More