The Patient Gardener


This year I have decided to try and participate in the weekly photo challenge set by Cathy, Sandra, Melissa and Jane – I came across it via Cathy’s blog.  I like the idea that they have published the list of weekly challenges at the start of the year so lots of time to ponder. Anyway, this week’s theme is ‘Ceiling’ and my immediate reaction was to post the above photograph.  I take… Read More

As gardeners we need to be continually adapting, whether it is to changing weather patterns, replacing ailing and much loved plants or in my case losing the tree canopy from the woodland end of the garden; to the extent that there is no woodland. I have been anticipating this change for a number of years now.  Ever since the couple who lived next door split and their children went to University I… Read More

I am sure we all have bits of our garden that we really struggle with and to be honest turn a blind eye to.  I also bet that those areas are ones which are possibly in difficult to get to parts of the garden, or have difficult growing conditions.  My challenging spot is the top right hand corner, as you look from the house; it’s the corner behind the workshop.    As you… Read More

  I am catching up on some book reviews and wanted to share The Splendour of the Tree by Noel Kingsbury with you.  I had anticipated that it would be a book showing various trees, conditions needed, maybe a diagram of their eventual shape, a few photos of fruit, leaves and bark.  However, if I had looked properly I would have noticed the tag line (is that the right term?) – ‘An… Read More

In need of some gentle stress relief and an escape from all the trials and tribulations that are plaguing my existence at the moment I set off cross country towards the welsh borders and the autumn plant fair at Hergest Croft. I have visited a number of times, the last time in Spring, but I have been meaning to visit to see the autumn colour.  The journey was a typical autumnal one… Read More

Today I am joining in with Katarina’s new monthly meme.  The idea is that you post a photograph that represents the current month to you on the 15th of the month. January  to me is grey, damp, still.  I have a growing fascination in the bare skeletons of trees and their structure.  I have started to notice how different species have different shapes although I have to wait until spring and leaves… Read More

I suppose it’s because we are in Autumn that I immediately thought of trees when I saw the theme for this week’s ‘Word  for Wednesday in Photographs’ was texture and pattern. I think in the Summer we are overwhelmed with the colour, abundance and voluptuousness of flowers that we see the whole more than the detail.  However in Winter and Autumn we can look more closely and notice more.  The pattern and… Read More

Today is a day that I have been dreading for a few months now.  It’s a year since my sister died of meningitis.  The past year has seen me blundering through the process of grief and trying to find a way to cope.  I had a real dilemma today, my parents and BIL were going out for lunch to mark the day but this just didn’t seem right for me.  I felt… Read More