The Patient Gardener


As the tulips are coming into their own this week I thought I would have a tulip special for Six on Saturday. Tulip Ballerina grows in the front garden and is very slowly naturalising.   I planted the bulbs some years back now and each year they appear although I’m not convinced they are multiplying that quickly more a case of coming back year on year and they do seem to have longer… Read More

I notice that I didn’t bother with a GBBD post in April last year and I think that reflects the lateness of the season; how different this year has been. The garden is already colouring up and the tulips are quickly taking over from the narcissus.  Tulip Princess Irene is one of my favourite tulips and this year I have it in large pots on the patio.  I love the purple markings… Read More

The tulip season is really beginning to get under way here.  Although I had some early tulips back at the end of March there has been a pause in the display until this week.  Finally my Jan Reus are opening, these were new this year and I planted them in a pot on the patio so I could enjoy them when I am sitting in the living room.  I really am pleased… Read More