The Patient Gardener


Finally, got around to writing this blog post about my gardening exploits this past weekend.  The weather was delightful, dry and sunny and it was the perfect opportunity to set to and put my plans for a vegetable/fruit bed into action.  I reported in previous posts how I had decided to convert the ‘Big Border’ in the middle of the garden to grow produce and I have moved a few plants but… Read More

Hells bells my shoddy compost making has been immortalised in print in my friend Dee’s new book – The 20-30 Something Garden Guide. I met Dee last summer at the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling in San Francisco.  We seemed to click with a similar sense of humour so when she put out a plea for photos of compost heaps for her new book I was happy to help – strangely not many… Read More

Back in August I wrote about how I was developing the slope at the end of my garden.  Previously this slope had been covered with a vast laurel bush and a pruning exercise got out of hand resulting in the laurel being removed.  I was left with a lovely expanse of garden to develop but on a steep slope.  As funds are tight I couldnt afford to have any serious landscaping done… Read More