The Patient Gardener


Some eight years ago I made the decision to give up on veg growing and gave up my allotment.  It had been a love/hate relationship from the start for a whole raft of reasons and I have never regretted the decision.  However, for some reason in the last couple of months I have had an inkling to try growing veg and fruit again but this time at home in my garden. This… Read More

There is something quintessentially English about a flower and veg show that I doubt you could find anywhere else in the world. I love Malvern Autumn Show as it heralds the start of Autumn, a season I love with its colours ad abundance. The show as so much to offer for everyone with all the key components of the traditional country show: giant vegetables, tractors, llamas (well this is Malvern), agility dogs… Read More

The lovely Isabel at Fennel & Fern has been developing Good Growing  Guides for Vegetables.  As you can see from the photos above and below they are very stylish and provide all the information you need on each vegetable in a simple  and clear format.  At present there are 28 Guides available all of  which can be downloaded from the Fennel & Fern website.  There are Guides for the stalwarts of the veg… Read More