The Patient Gardener


The blogging world is a funny old place.  You find yourself accepting invitations from people you have never met either to meet up with them at events or visit their gardens.  My mother often raises an eyebrow at this since of course back in the day you, especially a single lady like myself, would never accept an invitation from a stranger.  However, whilst sometimes I set off to these meet ups with… Read More

There are some places that you dream of visiting. You study the photos in books or on-line and you create an impression, maybe a little gilded, in your mind’s eye. For me Great Dixter is such a place.  I have longed to visit for years but just as you hesitate to watch a film of your favourite book I was nervous that it would not live up to my imaginations. As soon… Read More

Went out with my garden club this afternoon to visit a local private garden.  As per all our visits it rained!  I cant believe this time last year we were having a heat wave. The colour of this Acer was very intense.  What you cant see is that the plant had been pollarded and must have been a huge shrub/tree at somee point.  We couldnt decide if the owners were very braze… Read More