The Patient Gardener


I have wanted to visit Sezincote for some time now, I think I was drawn in by the Mogul influences of the house.  I have always had a fascination with the Raj having watched The Raj Quartet (written in the 1960s and 1970s) many years ago and read in-depth A Passage to India (1924) when studying for a degree in literature.  I used to be intrigued by the idea of the Raj… Read More

Visiting gardens these days with both my adult sons is like viewing the garden with a comedy soundtrack.  Their conversation, completely un-horticultural, is far-reaching and having not seen much in recent months is non-stop.  They also both have a quirky sense of humour so it isn’t unusual to hear  out-takes of Hot Fuzz or be aware that one of them is doing a moon-walk behind you.  It is delightful to have their… Read More

I have always loved rhododendrons.  From an early age I remember playing hide and seek inside old specimens at Saville Gardens which was close to my family home.  The flowers are everything I like in a flower – blousey, exotic, bright but it is also the whole structure of the plant that delights me.  I should clarify that I am talking about mature specimens here not the neat dwarf tidy examples that… Read More