The Patient Gardener


A quick update on my never-ending watercolour painting.  This is number 12 in my learning curve.  As you will see from this post I have been painting this for some time but if I am honest it not that long since we didn’t have  any classes from July to the end of September. Anyway, this evening the stems started to go in which was just the lift I needed as I have… Read More

Some readers will know that I dabble in botanical art.  I am far from an expert as I only go to a class once a week during term time and have been going for a couple of years now.  As I have said before my biggest challenge is getting to grips with watercolour.  I can draw and am used to doing larger pictures in pastels so doing neat and fine is quite… Read More

Finally I painting that I am really proud of but then again I am a tough critic of my own work.  It has taken quite a few lessons to finish this and there are definitely areas which I wish I had the ability to do better but compared to when I started nearly 2 years ago it is a real improvement.  Before I started my Botanical Illustration classes I wouldn’t have even… Read More

Regular visitors to my blog will know that I go to an art class which is called ‘Botanical Illustration’.  However, this title is a little loose as during the 18 month I have ben going there have been pictures of chickens, squirrels,  a bird of prey and a tiger!!  Our tutor is very laid back, his attitude is that it is our class and he is there to help.  But the one… Read More

Those of you who drop into my blog on a fairly regular basis will know that I have been dabbling in botanical illustration and attending classes.  I started my second year in September and have just completed picture no 7. I am beginning to feel less intimidated by the watercolour paint.  Although I have used pastels and acrylics in the past I was completely panic-stricken when I came to start using watercolour. … Read More

I have just finished my third term of Botanical Art.  This term I have concentrated on a more complicated picture and trying to conquer my fear of watercolour paint.  The plums were fairly easy to complete but the leaves were something else and I can see that there is room for improvement.  However, I am pleased that I have managed to learn to control the brush better particularly doing the fine lines… Read More

  I really enjoyed my art class tonight.  The last two weeks I have struggled to paint some Snowdrops which I wrote about here.  I found them a real struggle as it had to be so neat and tidy, small and precise – none of my qualities.  I was relieved tonight to be doing Nectarines.  I did the ones above in about one and half hours.  They aren’t finished yet as I… Read More

Well Watercolour 4 is nearly finished.  Its not too bad but needs alot of tidying up around the edges to sharpen the leaves etc but not bad for 2 hours painting I think.  It alsoo didn’t help that the plants I had drawn from last week were past their best and the colours weren’t at their freshest.  Still struggling with watercolour paints and trying not to get too much blodging of colour. … Read More

I have finally finished my first proper watercolour.  I started a botanical drawing class back in September and am now on my second term.  Whilst I have done art classes before (pastel, life etc) I haven’t done watercolours or neat or precise etc so this is proving to be  a real challenge. My art class have been rather amused as I actually hate beetroot but I have learned to love my beetroot. … Read More

Here is my second watercolour attempt – a pear! Its abit ragged round the edges but I am quite pleased with it. I did it using the wet on wet technique which is fun.  Next week I have to take some open mushrooms to the class so the tutor can show me some other technique. Feeling miserable today as have fluey cold so tucked up on the so with my youngest’s laptop… Read More