The Patient Gardener


The garden at the end of November reflects my state of mind at the moment.  Slightly chaotic and dishevelled!  It has been ridiculously mild but over the last few days very wet and windy. So mild that I am struggling to re-engage with the fact that Christmas is but 4 weeks away. Thanks to work and the weather I probably spent less than two or three hours in the garden in recent… Read More

“More and more I am coming to the conclusion that rain is a far more important consideration to gardens than sun, and that one of the lesser advantages that a gardener gains in life is his thorough enjoyment of a rainy day”   Margaret Waterfield (Garden writer and artist) As I said in my last post I think this has been one of the hardest gardening seasons since I have moved here 8… Read More

Well we got off lightly with the bad weather yesterday.  I was worried about some of our fences and we have put props against the post in a hope that this will help.  However, we only had some heavy rain in the early hours of Monday.  Whether we will be so lucky tomorrow I dont know – the weathermen are predicting more gales but further up the country including the north Midlands.  We are in… Read More