The Patient Gardener


The garden is slowly moving out of the quiet June phase and the late summer colour is beginning to appear.  I am really pleased with the Calmagrostis x acutiflora ‘Overdam’ and Sanguisorba combination.  I would love to claim that it was planned but I struggled last year with how the plants would work together in the Big Border so this year is a case of waiting and see what works together and… Read More

It has been a delightful weekend, with temperatures reaching 10C, mild for the time of year and the sun shining in a clear blue sky. Sadly this idyllic gardening weather was tainted by one of my neighbours, who despite having a handkerchief of a garden, seems to possess and use every sort of petrol driven tool you can think of – this weekend it was the leafblower!  I have incredibly sensitive hearing… Read More

At last the weather has been kind and allowed me a day in the garden.   The weekend had started well with a visit to Victoria at her new home and meeting her incredibly cute puppy Rufus, who is a scream.  I have known Victoria four or five years,  originally through blogging, and have stayed at her old home in London so I was very interested to see what her new home in… Read More

The first weekend of the new positive rediscovering myself era has been excellent and unusually for a Sunday  evening I feel refreshed and recharged. Saturday I had a day to myself as my eldest was out.  Having got up  early to do the weekly shop and give the house  a quick lick and a promise with the Hoover and duster from 11am I had a day to do whatever I wanted with. … Read More